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Preparing for birth

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Where can I give birth?


Virtual tour of CHFT maternity services: Maternity Assessment Centre (MAC), Labour ward, Calderdale Birth Centre, Ward 4 & Huddersfield Birth Centre


How does labour start?


How will I know I’m in labour (NHS film) 


If you think your labour has started it is a good idea to ring the place you intend to give birth, even if you are not ready to go in, as you can talk through what is happening with a Midwife. If your pregnancy is uncomplicated we would support you to stay at home for as long as possible in early labour. 

What happens during labour?


Pain relief


Remember that your choice of pain relief may affect your other birth options.

For example, if you plan to have an epidural then you will birth on Labour Ward at Calderdale Royal Hospital as the service cannot be offered on a birth centre.

Active birth

Research shows that having an active labour and birth will shorten the length of labour and improve your experience, helping you to stay in control.

What can I do in pregnancy to make birth easier? (NHS film)


What positions are best for labour? (NHS film)


We have a range of equipment such as birthing stools, birthing balls, floormats and slings to help you achieve an active birth.

Water birth


We offer waterbirth on Huddersfield Birth Centre, Calderdale Birth Centre and in your own home if you hire a birthing pool! If there are any medical or obstetric concerns about you or your baby a waterbirth may not be suitable.

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