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Being a birth partner

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A birthing partners role is to support the woman throughout pregnancy, labour & birth, offering help and encouragement and to be her advocate. The woman will choose someone who makes her feel safe, this can be the father of the baby, their partner or someone else.

How can you help?

Providing support to a woman in labour can be scary, especially when this is your first time. Some women can behave out of character during labour and may not want you to even touch them.  Others will demand back rubs that make your arms ache and your hands sore. Everyone is different, so be prepared for anything.

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What should I pack in my birth bag? (NHS film) link below

It's a really good idea if the birth partner can be involved in packing the hospital bag, because you are going to have to get things out of it! Remember, your baby will need a nappy, vest and babygrow soon after birth, so have these near the top. Don't forget snacks for you because you could be there for the long haul!


Where to go in the hospital?

You will need to find out where to go when you arrive, so we hope you enjoy watching this video. Huddersfield Birth Centre is the last stop on the tour, but you need to be aware of all areas of the service as you never know you might need a different service, so do watch the whole film.

Virtual tour of CHFT maternity services: Maternity Assessment Centre (MAC), Labour ward, Calderdale Birth Centre, Ward 4 & Huddersfield Birth Centre


Birthing for Blokes

If you're a bloke, you might want to have a look at Mark Harris's page, he's a male midwife and he talks blokey language that you will understand. We might blush! Try the Coupon code 'FREE' to access his course (time limited offer)


The Dad Pad

We highly recommend the Dad Pad App for your phone, to help you navigate the world of babies, maternity services and health visiting, so you understand what she's talking about!


How partners can support breastfeeding

The association of breastfeeding mothers leaflet is available in other languages -https://abm.me.uk/breastfeeding-information/partners-and-breastfeeding/

Safe Sleeping: Lift the baby

When you get home you might like to lie on your sofa and snuggle your new baby, but you need to watch this short video first ... 


Coping with a crying baby for partners:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3mc0FhrNF8 (reducing traumatic head injury in babies)

further information from ICON


Free Resources to help with mental health:

Perinatal Treatment - Perinatal Treatment (perinatal-treatment.com)


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