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Caring For Your Baby

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This is as close as you will get to an instruction manual for your new baby!!

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Meeting Your Baby: Skin to Skin


The importance of relationship building


Keeping your baby clean


How to bath a baby (NHS film) 


Changing a dirty nappy


Caring for your baby at night


When your baby won’t sleep  (Lullaby Trust) 


Safe Sleeping for your baby (Lullaby Trust) 


Car Seat Safety


Screening tests and development reviews


Coping with a crying baby

Having a newborn baby can be exciting, magical … and stressful. When you are surviving on little or no sleep, are exhausted and trying to soothe a baby who seemingly will not stop crying can be difficult for anyone. 

If you can feel yourself getting stressed,  it's ok to put your baby in a safe place and walk away for a short time. Think ICON

I – Infant crying is normal

C – Comforting methods can help   

O – It’s OK to walk away   

N – Never, ever shake a baby   

Shaking a baby can cause brain damage, so please visit the ICON website for more information: https://iconcope.org/ 

Its always good to reach out if you need support speak to someone such as your family, friends, Midwife, Health Visitor or GP.



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