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Building a healthy baby!

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A parents living environment, lifestyle and relationships can impact on the health of their baby. Where you live, the food you eat, the exercise you take or don't take, your income, smoking, drinking, employment etc.  The science of epigenetics has shown that this alters your baby's DNA which can affect their future health. The good news is, its never too late to make a difference. How you nourish, protect and respond to your newborn is just as important to build a healthy and happy baby.

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The epidemic of chronic disease and understanding epigenetics | Tedx Portland

How your baby grows before being born, how they are fed after birth and the environment they live in for the first 2 years of life determines whether or not your baby will have a high risk for disease in later life. In this fascinating talk by Dr Kent Thornburg, he explains how new revelations from medical science mean that we can change the future for our children's health and longevity. He explains this in terms of pregnancy and birth and makes some fascinating revelations!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReCvreRPdeY (17 minutes)

Epigenetics and why inheritance is weirder than we thought!


The first 1000 days

Experts worldwide now agree that the first 1000 days of being a parent, and the care given to them from conception to the child’s 2nd birthday, are the most significant days in the child's development.


Healthy Lifestyle in Pregnancy

‘Eating for two’ is a myth originating from the days when food supplies were limited. Nowadays food is plentiful, cheap and often processed. As Dr Thornberg explained in the above Ted talk, choose your diet wisely for the sake of your baby’s health. Try not to gain too much weight as there are no benefits to being overweight during pregnancy. Now is the time to make lifestyle changes that will improve the long term health of your baby. Swap out your bad habits for healthy living and create a better lifestyle for your whole family.

One You – access a lifestyle quiz and lots of support including apps you can download to your phone


Nutrition Advice: from the British Dietetics Association.


Sugar: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/how-does-sugar-in-our-diet-affect-our-health/

Fats:  https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/different-fats-nutrition/

Activity in pregnancy UK Government recommendations (PDF):


Safe exercise advice from Tommy’s:


Building a happy baby: A guide for parents

Download here: https://www.unicef.org.uk/babyfriendly/baby-friendly-resources/relationship-building-resources/building-a-happy-baby/

Building your baby’s brain

Did you know that the most important interaction you can have with your child is through play? Harvard University's Dr. Jack Shonkoff explains the most important thing a parent can do to support their child's brain development:


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