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Early Pregnancy?

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! This module is for you and your partner if you are newly pregnant, especially if it’s your first baby.

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What appointments can I expect in my pregnancy?


What are my Screening Choices?

In early pregnancy you have choices and decisions to make about blood tests and scans. Please download this leaflet and read it with your partner, preferably before you see a midwife:


What Vitamin supplements do I need?


Healthy Start: Find out whether you qualify for free healthy start vitamins & vouchers for fruit & veg here:


Nutrition in Pregnancy


Pregnancy sickness

Morning sickness is common and will not harm you or your baby so long as you can drink some fluids/ food. If you cannot tolerate any fluid and feel really ill, you should access medical assistance. This website is recommended by other mothers who have suffered with nausea throughout pregnancy / hyperemesis gravidarum:


Can I take medication in pregnancy?


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